alexine (donghaiii) wrote,

fic: kiss mark delivery

title: kiss mark delivery
author: donghaiii
type: oneshot
main pairing: eunhae
rating: pg-13
genre: au, romance, fluff
word count: 1709
summary: Hyukjae is a college professor who loathes February 14. This is where that impossibly sweet guidance counselor comes in.
a/n: Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! :D I thought I’d come up with something before I’d update on my race fic since it’s a day dedicated to lovers. Kiss Mark Delivery is legit here in our university though. Whoever came up with that idea, credits to you!! xDD


It’s the subtle knock on the door that has Hyukjae biting his lip as he pauses in his lecture about the mathematics of investment and stocks. He strains as he puts down the chalk on the ledge and glances at the classroom door. “What do you need?” he asks icily.

The trio of university students by the door brandishes bouquets and a guitar under his nose as they smile at him. “A Valentine delivery, sir, we have to serenade this time!”

“You have two minutes flat,” Hyukjae nods and the three boys come in to sing a cheesy love song. A blushing girl on the front row is given the flowers and the professor rolls his eyes at the gesture.

It’s extremely irritating to have roaming lovesick students to disrupt his time. He could have already finished explaining the difference of preferred and common stocks but instead, he is standing in the corner of the classroom, arms folded over his stiff shoulders, unloved. It’s only ten in the morning but this is the fifth delivery that he had had the misfortune of encountering.

When the trio leaves with haphazard bows, Hyukjae locks the door and turns to face his class with a dark expression on his face. “Is there anyone here who is expecting a delivery?” he inquires and a few hands are raised.

“You can get them after my period,” Hyukjae tells them as he strides back to the front of the classroom and resumes his lesson. He can tell that some students are looking at him sourly but he doesn’t care. He wants to teach and no amount of love in the air can keep him from doing that.

He’s in the middle of writing a definition of stockbroker when someone knocks on the door again.

Hyukjae keeps writing and writing and he doesn’t look at the door. Then he faces his class as the knocks continue in the background, voice escalating as he explains the topic. Taemin raises his hand and points to the door, “Professor Lee, the guidance counselor is on the door.”

“Right and I have three eyes on the back of my head,” Hyukjae retorts, making exaggerated gestures at his nape. The class doesn’t laugh and he’s irked by that so he turns to look at the doorway, surprised to see that the school’s resident guidance counselor has already entered the room and is smiling at him goofily.

“Good morning, Professor Lee!” he exclaims. The professor remains silent. Of all guidance counselors to come visit his class, it just had to be Lee Donghae. He feels heat rise to his cheeks as he answers back in a cold tone, “Good morning to you too. Did you need something?”

Donghae nods as he speaks, “I have a kiss mark delivery for one Amber Liu from a Mr. Lau down at Economics.” The class erupts in catcalls and whistles.

“What in the world is a kiss mark delivery?” Hyukjae stares at the man with wide eyes. In all twenty-six years of his life, he has never heard of the term. How do people even deliver kiss marks? Donghae responds with fishing a stamp pad from his pocket. He holds out a stamp in the shape of two lips puckered up and grins as he stamps it onto Amber’s left cheek.

It leaves a stark bright red mark on the student’s skin. “This is a kiss mark! I’ve been thinking how couples don’t really have time when they’re in separate classes so I came up with this idea. Aren’t I awesome?” the guidance counselor calls out, pocketing his stamp. Hyukjae’s students give Donghae random high fives and approving nods.

“That is a pretty good idea,” Hyukjae says nervously. The mere thought of Donghae in his class makes his heart beat at maximum speed. In all actuality, he wants to tell the guidance counselor that his idea is insanitary and practically a waste of good ink but he doesn’t. To him, everything Donghae does is right, correct, and legal. There is never anything wrong with him.

“I’ll be going now,” are Donghae’s final words before he leaves the classroom. Hyukjae shakes his head and gets rid of the butterflies in his stomach as he goes back to his lecture. The period goes on without any more interruptions and the professor finds his mood steadily lifting.


The bell rings at half-past eleven and he exits the classroom, making a beeline to the faculty room where his lunch is waiting. When he enters, he finds almost every one of the teachers with red kiss marks on their faces. Sungmin has one on his forehead, Heechul has one on his nose and Ryeowook is sporting three on his neck. Hyukjae grabs his sandwich from his bag just as Hankyung nears him and mutters, “Oh my god, you do not know how lucky you are, Hyukjae.”

He sees the man covered in about twenty kiss mark stamps. “Donghae did all of those?” he asks, taking a small bite out of his bread. Jungsoo comes and joins their conversation, sighing romantically at how Donghae even read a message for him from Youngwoon before placing the kiss mark on his chin. “How come you haven’t been marked yet?” Hankyung asks him.

Hyukjae doesn’t really have anyone that special to him yet and he tells the Chinese teacher exactly that. Hankyung nods disbelievingly and Jungsoo even eyes him knowingly. Some of the teachers know about his attraction towards the proprietor of the kiss mark deliveries and these two were part of them.

“I thought he would’ve marked you first though,” Jungsoo says before he goes back to his table and starts checking a stack of seatwork papers on theology.

Hyukjae eats his lunch in silence and contemplation (and maybe in hidden jealousy).


He goes to his next class with his mood turning bitter by the second. The barrage of deliveries and serenades are not helping with his disposition one bit. At one in the afternoon, Donghae comes by his class again and leaves eight kiss marks onto his star student, Jiyong. Hyukjae greets him with a smile but it is wiped away the moment the counselor exits the room.

As he gets out of the room at two and makes his way towards his next and final class for the day at the tenth floor of the building, he bumps into his best friend Junsu, who is also his department’s head. Hyukjae notices a kiss mark on the man’s nose bridge. “You got marked too?”

Internally, Hyukjae is crying and sobbing and cursing as Junsu nods with an ethereal grin on his face. “Good for you,” he mumbles and Junsu claps a hand on his back as he starts walking away.

When the half-hearted professor enters the classroom, he puts his things on the table and opens the windows, relishing in the cold bite of the wind against his skin. The students enter noisily, talking animatedly about their boyfriends and girlfriends who have delivered them a myriad of gifts.

Hyukjae thinks that there should be at least one student or faculty member who has a crush on him and is willing to give him a present. He’s dashing and a model teacher, not to mention totally comedic when wants to. Although his smiles are gummy, he’s been told that they are bright and adorable enough to be contagious. He’d be contented with any gift given, even if it came from those whom he didn’t really like back.

It’s not that he is desperate. He just isn’t comfortable with going home empty-handed as compared to his colleagues.

The bell rings and he moves towards the middle of the classroom. He gets the attendance checklist and starts calling out names but is interrupted by a knock on the door and a familiar voice. “A kiss mark delivery for one Lee-”

Hyukjae’s heart stops as Donghae looks him in the eye.

“-Seunghyun from an anonymous Finance major,” the counselor ends and Hyukjae tears his eyes away from him, fumbling for his ballpoint pen and signing furiously on the attendance sheet.

Donghae leaves with a wave and Hyukjae starts class with no enthusiasm. Throughout the whole three hours of his lecture, he counts seven serenades and fourteen deliveries, five of which Donghae had brought. He is absolutely frustrated at his lack of marks and gifts as the bell rings for the final time that day.

His class leaves almost immediately, all of them with plans for dinner or movie dates with their lovers. Hyukjae stares at them with bitterness and he sighs as he starts packing up. “Next year for sure, Lee Hyukjae, you’ll get one next year or so help me, I’ll-”

“I have a delivery here!” Hyukjae turns and is shocked as he sees Donghae enter the classroom, the stamp pad in his hands.

“All my students left already,” the professor exclaims, his heart pounding so hard that he was afraid his ribcage might break. Surely, this kiss mark is meant for him. But who was the one who sent it? Hyukjae racks his mind for people who have sent him flirty signals this past month but comes up with no one at all.

“This is for you, Hyukjae-sshi,” the counselor nears him and beams a heartwarming smile.

“Alright, lay it on me,” Hyukjae says and he motions to his right cheek, tilting his face slightly so as to make stamping easier for the counselor. He almost gasps when Donghae places his stamp pad on the desk and wraps his arms around Hyukjae’s neck. Their lips make contact and Hyukjae almost dies as the counselor pries his mouth open.

Donghae tastes like tuna and apple and fireworks and Hyukjae doesn’t know anymore because he is so absorbed in the kiss that he blinks dazedly when they pull apart for air. He swears that’s the longest and best kiss he had received in his entire life.

“That wasn’t a kiss mark,” he exhales, pinching himself secretly as to prove that everything happening is real. The pain registers in his brain and he smiles weakly at Donghae.

“I never said it was. But we can fix that,” Donghae replies as he starts to plant kisses on Hyukjae’s neck.



Tags: fic:oneshot, pairing:eunhae
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