alexine (donghaiii) wrote,

fic: center of gravity

title: center of gravity
author: donghaiii
type: oneshot
main pairing: kyumin
rating: pg-13
genre: au, eventual romance, humor
word count: 2586
summary: There’s a new teacher in the university and Sungmin is tasked to evaluate him.
a/n: A very close family member of mine died. This is another teacher fic because she was a teacher and I loved her very much. I’m sorry for the delay in updating the race fic. Rest assured I’ll post it either today or tomorrow. Also, this fic counts as my entry in my local FC’s fic writing competition. I hope I get to win something. n.n;

(If you’ve noticed, this AU is familiar. It’s under the same AU as my Valentine fic. I’m starting to get the feeling I’ll be making a mini-series in this verse.)


“Can you believe it? Can you actually believe it?!”

“No I can’t, hyung. I don’t even know why you’re freaking out.”

Sungmin had his hands up, waving them raucously in the air as he talked to his colleague, “Siwon left for a seminar! There wasn’t supposed to be a seminar today!”

Hyukjae stared at him from behind his financial management lesson plans and said, “I thought I heard him say that the seminar was tomorrow, hyung. That’s too bad for you then. Who’s going to assess the new teacher?”

The Physics professor scoffed and pointed to himself. “It’s unfair, Hyukjae. I had a scheduled movie date with my cousin today and now I have to sit in some newbie’s test-lecture! And do you know who assigned me? Kim Heechul, Siwon’s best friend! Just because Heechul’s my department head doesn’t mean he can boss me around!”

“Actually he can, Sungmin. He’s the one you report to; therefore, he is your boss and he can boss you around,” the Economics teacher replied sarcastically, doodling hearts in his manual with his highlighter. He stopped when his colleague slapped him on the back harshly.

“That was a totally rhetorical statement. Ugh,” Sungmin rolled up his sleeve and checked the time, gasping out loud when the numbers blinked back at him from his digital watch, “It’s already one in the afternoon and the newbie comes in after thirty minutes! I’ll see you later, Hyukjae. Also, tell my cousin I can’t watch the movie with him please!”

“Which cousin am I supposed to inform?”

“That would be Donghae. I suppose you can find him at the dean’s office right now. He was assisting Jungsoo-hyung in rearranging the furniture in the office when I called him an hour ago.”

Hyukjae reddened immediately. “Can’t you tell him yourself?”

“I don’t have the time right now!” Sungmin hollered, bopping his fellow teacher on the head with the file folder numerous times. “Tell him this instant, alright?”

The irritated professor nodded quickly at his friend and got out his mobile phone to call the guidance counselor. Sungmin left the faculty room with the new teacher’s portfolio and headed to the west wing where all the science classrooms were located. He entered room 407 and sat in the front seat, directly in front of the teacher’s table and smack in the middle of the front row.

He then set all his things on the desk: his favorite black Parker ballpoint pen, a 0.5 millimeter mechanical pencil and the portfolio containing the new teacher’s basic information. Sungmin opened the thick-looking folder and checked the ID picture on the left hand corner. He looked very young and unique. After which, he looked at the new guy’s credibility and skills. Cho Kyuhyun, twenty-four years old, Seoul University Graduate who majored in Physics and Biology, graduated magna cum laude, and a couple of numbers of the guy’s grades were what greeted Sungmin’s eyes.

The record screamed genius to him and he scanned the paper for more of the man’s achievements, his mouth dropping to the floor when he flipped through eight full pages of it. In the very last page, there was a comment written in green ink that he recognized as Siwon’s handwriting. It said: Note: Do not assign to work with Sungmin-hyung. Let Kibum be the one to introduce him to school policies and faculty.

Sungmin fumed at the note and he slammed shut the file folder. First, Heechul forced him to evaluate the teacher and now Siwon? How dare he think that Sungmin was incompetent to take the new teacher under his wing? The least they could do was expect that he’d do a good job and not come to a conclusion that he wouldn’t. Sungmin was very friendly and cheerful. He was everyone’s friend and they considered him the epitome of happiness and all things cute and wonderful. His train of thought was cut short as he felt something vibrate in his pocket.

He fished his phone out and saw Donghae calling him. “Hello?” he answered.

“Sungmin-hyung, you really can’t go with me to watch Lion King 3D?” Donghae was practically whining into the phone and Sungmin could already imagine the completely childish pout on his cousin’s face. He sighed, “Yeah, I really can’t, Donghae. I’m sorry. Hyung will watch the movie with you next time, I promise!”

“But I already bought the tickets! I don’t want to have to go for a refund.”

The Physics professor thought long and hard, and finally he came up with a solution. “You only need someone to accompany you right?”

“Yeah, I have two tickets with me for the one o’clock show.”

“Professor Lee Hyukjae is free from twelve to three. Why don’t you invite him to watch? He’s a big fan of Rafiki,” he snorted into the phone and Donghae gasped with glee. Within seconds, his cousin hung up on him and he put his gadget back in his pocket.

Sungmin then looked once more at his watch and saw that he had five minutes more to spare. He yawned and stretched and was in the middle of it when the door opened and a young man came in. The professor paused and stared at the new teacher. He looked nothing like the man in the portfolio. While the picture on the papers depicted a gangly man with a pair of glasses and unruly, curly hair, the man standing in front of him was anything but.

“You’re Lee Sungmin,” Kyuhyun blurted out, eyes wide and mouth set in a small smirk.

Sungmin stood up and offered his hand to the man. “How come you know my name already?”

“Siwon-hyung’s told me all about you. I thought he’d be the one doing my evaluation,” the new teacher replied as he shook Sungmin’s hands. He gripped the Physics teacher’s hand quite tautly and Sungmin felt electricity in the man’s touch so he let go almost instantly.

“There was a change of plan, you see. Would you like to start now or do you have any prayer you want to say?” Sungmin backed away and sat back down on the chair, looking at Kyuhyun cautiously. There was something about the man’s stare that made him feel uncomfortable.

“We can start now. I’m not really much of a religious person and I wouldn’t want to waste your time,” Kyuhyun said coolly, putting his things on the table and taking out the evaluation form. He handed it to Sungmin with his arm not fully stretched. Sungmin had to stand up again to take it, wincing when Kyuhyun intentionally brushed their fingers together.

There it was again, the unmistakable jolt of electricity as their skin made contact. Sungmin gulped and picked up his pen to fill in the needed information. He could feel Kyuhyun’s eyes on him. Realizing that the silence only made everything more awkward, he spoke, “You’re applying for which position again?”

“I applied for the Physics teacher position. I heard there were only two in this institution.”

“You’re right. There’s only me and Kibum. We really need the extra hand,” Sungmin said, affixing his signature on the bottom part of the paper. He then motioned for Kyuhyun to start his pseudo-lesson. The young man nodded and got out a whiteboard marker and an eraser from his coat pocket.

The first twenty minutes of Kyuhyun’s lecture was something Sungmin could not believe. He had discussed scalars and vectors very clearly and had even given two sample problems each. He even went as far as explaining why scientific notation was necessary in some values and how this lesson could be applied to daily life. The only thing that irked him was that Kyuhyun was staring right into him the whole time but he avoided it by purposely writing long comments onto the evaluation paper.

Kyuhyun’s tone had changed by the time he was talking about linear motion and was giving his first example. “A train enters a cave with a velocity of twenty meters per second. After ten seconds, the train moves backward and out of the cave with a velocity of four meters per second. The train does this repeatedly for about seven times.” He looked at Sungmin with an unfamiliar twinkle in his eye as he continued, “We shall now calculate the distance that the train has thrust into the cave for seven times.”

Sungmin continued to fidget as Kyuhyun wrote the solutions on the board. After that particular problem, the new teacher went back from using his husky tone to the normal voice he used when he started. They sped through the lecture on acceleration and Sungmin was really satisfied with how the newbie was explaining the concepts. Maybe one of the reasons why Siwon had recommended assigning Kyuhyun under Kibum was because he was as brilliant as Sungmin and that somehow, his intelligence might rub off on the other teacher.

Kibum was wise but his method of teaching was frowned upon by most students. He didn’t win Most Boring Teacher during the Teachers’ Day Awards for nothing.

The Physics professor was in the middle of rating Kyuhyun for his whiteboard utilization when the new teacher’s tone made him stop. They were now on the topic of free-falling bodies and Kyuhyun was starting to give an example of a problem in using acceleration due to gravity with his rather husky voice once again.

“Suppose you have two balls,” he started, and Sungmin’s pen fell to the floor with a loud clatter. Kyuhyun smirked as the teacher scrambled to reach it but couldn’t, so he took the liberty of bending over and picking it himself. He handed it to Sungmin, brushing their fingers once again. Sungmin thanked him with a quiver in his voice and Kyuhyun said, “Where was I again?”

The veteran professor looked at him and muttered, “Suppose you have two balls?”

“Right,” Kyuhyun smiled at him and resumed, “Suppose you have two balls in your hand…” He paused when Sungmin crossed his legs. “They are of equal size and are in a thin sack of brown cloth, both weighing about five hundred grams each.” Kyuhyun bit his lip, his eyes never leaving Sungmin’s. Sungmin tried hard not to turn away as to not seem distracted with how Kyuhyun was speaking and looking at him.

“You throw them into the air it falls back in your hand. Assuming that the time it took for the balls to rise and fall is fourteen point five seconds and that there was maximum friction, how far did those balls travel in total?”

Sungmin cut him off, “Why did you mention friction when it wasn’t necessary?”

Kyuhyun chuckled and said, “I just wanted to see if you were paying attention, Professor Lee. You looked as if you were thinking about something not about my discussion.”

The Physics professor scowled at him and told him to continue. He uncrossed his legs and wrote something on the evaluation paper once again. Kyuhyun explained the answers to the problem and the ways on how to solve it with his normal voice once again.

As he was writing on the board, Sungmin eyed him suspiciously. He was so sure of it. Kyuhyun was using innuendos on him and was flirting and the worst fact was that it was working. He could feel the rushing of his blood towards his southern regions and he was beginning to sweat. He checked his watch and saw that it had already been fifty-eight minutes since they had started.

Kyuhyun was only supposed to be evaluated for an hour of mock lessons.

When the bell rang just as Kyuhyun was starting on force and the Law of Inertia, Sungmin stood up and used the file folder to block the tent in his pants. “You did a good job on this lecture, Kyuhyun. You covered almost four chapters in the context. I think you’ll make a great Physics teacher.”

Kyuhyun grinned at him and said, “Thanks, I’ve always loved Physics.”

Sungmin nodded and patted Kyuhyun’s back, “You’ll officially start work tomorrow. The faculty room is at 701 and your table is right beside Heechul’s, our department head. Clocking in is usually done at seven in the morning. Make sure you won’t be late.” Then he turned on his heel without so much as a good bye and rushed off towards the nearest comfort room which was located on the floor above them.

Kyuhyun suddenly caught his wrist when he was climbing the stairs and he cringed at the tingly feeling once again. Sungmin turned to look at the man, his body shaking, “What the hell?”

“You didn’t say good bye. That’s not proper at all,” the new teacher said, smirking as he abruptly pressed his lips onto Sungmin’s chapped ones. He didn’t initiate anything further than that and he pulled away rapidly, licking his lips as he patted Sungmin’s ass lightly. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” And then he left as soon as he had come, rushing to the exit of the building.

Sungmin, already flustered and as red as a tomato, touched the area where Kyuhyun’s lips had come in contact with his. He then growled to himself and made his way to the lavatory. He shouldn’t be this much easy to get.


At eight in the evening, Siwon came home to Heechul lounging on his sofa with a bowl of popcorn in his hands. “Good evening! Where’s Hankyung-hyung? How was the new teacher?”

“Ah, I don’t know. Hankyung’s not home and I haven’t read Sungmin’s report yet,” the relaxed man said, searching around for the remote control. Siwon blanched upon hearing Heechul’s words.

“Sungmin’s reports? You mean you made him evaluate Kyuhyun?! Ohmigod hyung, what have you done? What have you done?” Siwon pinched the bridge of his nose and sat down on the sofa, looking at Heechul fearfully.

“The guy was free, Siwon.”

“Didn’t you read the note I placed on the last page of Kyuhyun’s portfolio?!”

“You actually think I read every note you write Siwon? How long have you known me for? Five years, right? I can’t believe you! Why are you expecting so much from me? Now I’m just not in the mood for this movie,” Heechul moaned, shoving the bowl of popcorn in Siwon’s hands.

“Kyuhyun is hell-bent on making Sungmin his, hyung! He’s gaga over the man! Don’t you remember the time when Sungmin-hyung was bombarded with a thousand flowers from the local florist? That was Kyuhyun! Also the time when Sungmin-hyung was delivered a kiss mark when no one actually did last Valentine’s! And don’t forget how someone sent him e-mails full of poetry for the whole month of January,” Siwon said warily, sighing when he saw that Heechul’s hands were placed over his ear and that he had a mocking expression on his face.

“The fact is, Kyuhyun should never ever be left alone with Sungmin! Do you know what he wrote in his first draft for his application letter to the school, hyung? That he wanted to bite Sungmin’s ass, that’s what!”

“How did he even get to know Sungmin anyway?”

“I taped our last Christmas party and Kyuhyun watched it with me.”

“Oh, the one where Sungmin got drunk and did a pole dance around Hyukjae. You do know that once I tell this to Sungmin, he’s going to kill you right?”

“But you won’t because you’re my friend, hyung.”

“Of course I am.”


The following morning, Siwon was met with a rather cross-looking Sungmin. “Is that an axe I see behind your back, hyung?”



Tags: fic:oneshot, pairing:kyumin
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