alexine (donghaiii) wrote,

fic: sweeter than 3.1416

title: sweeter than 3.1416
author: donghaiii
type: oneshot
main pairing: kyumin
rating: nc-17
genre: au, romance
word count: 3066
summary: The day after the evaluation, everything just went haywire for Sungmin. This is the sequel to Center of Gravity.
a/n: So I have decided to make this the mini-series I was talking about. I think this piece will only span three to four chapters. They're understandable even if you haven't read the previous part. ;A; This fic shows very well how much of a perverted nerd I am. ;A; If the cheese kills you, I’m sorry. Also, some might not understand a few lines here so I’ll be making some sort of a mini-glossary at the end of this fic, title included. xD


When Sungmin came to the faculty room at exactly 6:15 in the morning, he expected nobody to be there. He was always the earliest bird in the school and he took pride in never being late. He was in charge of opening the windows and pinning the curtains to the side. He was the one who watered the two potted plants at a daily basis because Heechul often forgot to. He always prepared Hyukjae’s morning coffee and Shindong’s pre-class toast.

All of the things he did in the morning never failed to bring smiles to his colleagues so he never quit doing it. It wasn’t an obligation or some sort of want for attention. Sungmin did it because he wanted to.

However, today was different. Sungmin stood in front of the faculty room door, staring at it carefully. It was slightly opened and the small drafts coming from inside the room meant that somebody had already opened the windows and fixed the curtains. He put his keys back in his pocket and entered the room, anticipating either Ryeowook or Hankyung or maybe even Siwon.

Instead, there was nobody in his line of sight. The room was empty and he made his way around the tables to be sure. He saw the steaming mug of coffee on Hyukjae’s table and the two slices of toast on Shindong’s. He neared the plants and saw that the soil was still watery, meaning that someone had indeed come in here before him and did everything he was supposed to do.

Sungmin wasn’t sure if he should be pleased or not. He made his way to his table in the left-hand corner of the room and stopped short when he saw a tuft of pink hair peeking from his chair. Come to think of it, he had left his chair facing the desk but now, it was facing the wall. He set his things down and turned to take a better look of the source of the hair.

“What in the world?” he said loudly when a disturbing large and pink rabbit stuff toy more than half his size greeted his vision. There was a green post-it note strategically pasted on the nose of the rabbit and Sungmin grabbed it to read: Babe, do you know why you are my inverse sine? Cosecant live without you. ;)

He sighed loudly and palmed himself on the face. He only knew of one person who’d do this and it was no other than the new teacher he had evaluated only yesterday.

The Physics teacher took hold of the stuffed toy and placed it on the spot just beside his desk before taking a seat on his chair. He rubbed his forehead tensely and placed the post-it note inside one of his empty pencil cases. So early in the morning and he was feeling stressed already.

“Good morning, hyung,” a rather bleak voice sounded. Sungmin looked up and saw that Hyukjae had arrived and was now walking towards the table next to him. His eyes twinkled at the sight of his usual mug of coffee and he took a sip of it before he settled down on his chair. “Your coffee tastes extra special today. What did you put in it?”

“I didn’t make it, Hyukjae. You wouldn’t believe who got here before me,” Sungmin said, an uncertain look on his face. “That new teacher I evaluated yesterday was no ordinary guy.”

“And you have Siwon to blame for that,” a new voice resounded in the room. Both Sungmin and Hyukjae turned to see Heechul entering the faculty room. “Now what I’m about to tell you is top secret, loves. Only Siwon and I know about it.” He made his way to his table which was right across Hyukjae’s and put down his stuff.

Neither Sungmin nor Hyukjae knew what to expect as they lent their ears fully to Heechul and they both reddened madly when the department head told them the true cause. The Christmas party mishap came as a surprise to them because everything was too blurry that night. Heechul went as far as explaining that the gifts that Sungmin received a few months prior were also from Kyuhyun and the Physics teacher was mortified. Hyukjae started to snicker at his friend and he snorted as he noticed the large bunny beside Sungmin’s desk. “You have yourself a sweetheart stalker, congratulations!”

Sungmin glared at the Economics teacher and threw an eraser at him. It hit Hyukjae right on the nose and he gave a light smirk. His victory was short-lived because suddenly he felt something steadily climbing up his pants. He looked underneath his desk as Heechul teased Hyukjae and almost had a heart attack.

Kyuhyun was crouched under his table, his long fingers playing with the fabric of his pants. Sungmin’s head bumped the underside of the table in sheer shock and he straightened up to see that his colleagues were looking at him perplexedly.

“What the hell were you doing?” Heechul remarked. Sungmin was quick to shake his head and say, “I thought I was seeing things. Probably the wine I had last night.” He ducked under his table again when Heechul started chatting with his best friend. Sure enough, there was no mistaking Kyuhyun’s face. The new teacher smiled at him and whispered a quick greeting.

“Kyuhyun, why are you under my table?” the Physics teacher reprimanded as quietly as he could. He blushed when the man gave him a quick peck on the nose and pushed him away. “You smell really nice, Sungmin. Your colleagues are coming in now so don’t forget to greet them like you always do!”

Sungmin retracted his head from under the table and glanced around the room. It was already half-filled with his fellow teachers. He greeted everyone with his cheery voice. Kibum strolled past the others and neared him, his lesson plan in his hand. Sungmin remembered that he had promised to help his fellow Physics teacher with re-arranging the lectures he had planned.

He was grateful that Kibum didn’t voice out anything when he passed by the pink stuffed toy. The silent teacher sat on the edge of Sungmin’s desk and handed him the file folder. As the older one took hold of it, he felt a familiar sensation of creeping on his legs. This time, Kyuhyun’s hands had gone under the cloth of his pants, leaving Sungmin shivering slightly.

Kibum must have noticed because he gave his colleague a weird look before he started speaking. “So I was thinking about inserting Thermodynamics just after the midterms since the students are quick to catch up on all of Newton’s laws.” Sungmin nodded and looked frantically at him, biting his lip as Kyuhyun scraped his nails lightly against his thighs.

Kibum then stated the evaluation of all the grades of the students taking up Physics and Sungmin strained to keep the jolly smile on his face. He exhaled softly when he felt Kyuhyun’s touch vanishing and that the fingers were no longer up the sleeves of his pants. Just when he thought the worst was over, he almost gasped in horror when Kyuhyun slowly unzipped his pants with his teeth. Sungmin was pretty sure of this because something that felt like Kyuhyun’s nose brushed over his crotch.

“I think we can go all the way to discussing the gas laws and… Hyung, are you alright?” the man inquired as he saw Sungmin bite his lip so hard that he almost drew blood.

“I think I have a stomachache,” Sungmin bit out, “but please carry on.” The bell rang, signaling that it was already half-past six in the morning and the Physics teacher was glad that almost everyone in the faculty had to attend class. They filed out of the room, saying abrupt goodbyes.

“Alright, if you say so,” Kibum looked unsure but he continued where he left off, rapidly explaining to Sungmin that even taking up the basics of thermodynamics will suffice for the students. Once he was finished, he asked Sungmin for his opinion.

“I think that is a great- ah!” Sungmin jerked forward as Kyuhyun tugged at his pants and underwear, successfully pulling them down. The professor quickly folded his arms over his stomach as if his torso was in great pain. He kicked underneath the table and cursed inwardly as his foot hit air. “Sorry, that was just a spasm. I think that your idea will be alright provided Heechul will approve of it.”

“Heechul already approved of it. I just wanted your opinion. Are you sure you’re alright?” Kibum once again asked, eyeing the man in front of him carefully. Sungmin was about to nod when he felt hands on his hips, holding him in place with a firm grasp. He gulped instead and replied, “I’m sure. I think Chinese wasn’t the best choice for breakfast after all. God have mercy on me.” He silently prayed for Kibum to leave already when he felt the unmistakable sensation of lips on the tip of his cock.

The gods must have heard his prayers because Kibum stood up to gather his things from his desk so he could also go to his class. He suggested for Sungmin to go get checked out in the clinic before he left the room.

Once Kibum was out of earshot, Sungmin shoved Kyuhyun’s face off his member and he stood up angrily, pulling up his underwear and pants in the process. He then reached out and pulled the new teacher from underneath the desk and almost gave him a hard punch when he saw that the man was wearing a profound smirk.

“You are a fucking asshole, Cho Kyuhyun. And as much as I’m grateful for all the gifts you’ve given me, it’s very unprofessional for you to do that in school!” Sungmin yelled, cheeks pink while jabbing his index finger on the taller man’s chest. He then grabbed his things furiously and stormed out of the room, leaving Kyuhyun alone with the smile still on his face.


Lunch came way too fast, in Sungmin’s opinion. He had to admit he was aroused for most of the morning and that he wasn’t ready to face the cause of his problem just yet. There had to be some explanation as to why his heart beat sporadically around Kyuhyun despite all the inappropriate things that the man had done to him.

He came to the faculty room and as he entered, he was welcomed with a few cheers and catcalls. Heechul laughed at him as he looked at every with a flabbergasted expression. “Did I do something to anyone?”

“On the contrary, someone did something for you,” Ryeowook said in a sing-song manner, pointing to Sungmin’s desk. Whereas he only had one stuffed toy in the morning, there were two more gigantic stuffed animals on his desk. He fought off the blush but failed miserably as he walked towards his table, cringing when he saw the two post-its that came with the rabbits.

Hyukjae came running to him with tears in his eyes as he guffawed, “Your pants would look even better accelerating towards my bedroom floor at 9.8 meters per second square? Seriously, this new guy is awesome!”

Youngwoon sniggered hard as he made his way near Sungmin, reciting the note on the other stuffed toy, “It’s perpetual motion all night long in my bed, baby! Sungmin, this one’s a keeper. Tell me you’ve hooked up already!”

“You guys don’t know the meaning of privacy!” Sungmin shrieked, taking the post-it notes and crumpling them in his left hand before shooting them inside his pocket. His face remained red as he placed the two stuffed toys adjacent to the first one he had received this morning.

Siwon looked guiltily from behind his sandwich as Hyukjae continued to laugh at Sungmin. He had received a rushed scolding from Sungmin when they met in the hallways earlier that day. He tried to tell Heechul off when but no amount of words could make his friend apologize to him so he gave up.

Sungmin got out his lunch from his bag and sat down on his chair quietly. He didn’t know if his blood was rushing because he was angry or because he actually felt happy to receive the gifts. He was halfway done with his meal when the faculty door opened again and Kyuhyun entered. For a moment, everybody in the room stopped whatever they were doing and looked at the new teacher.

He dropped his things on the desk next to Heechul’s and got out a pair of metal chopsticks.

Kyuhyun stared at his colleagues coolly and Sungmin went pale when the man walked towards him. All eyes were on them as the newbie seated himself on the edge of Sungmin’s desk just like Kibum did that morning and took a piece of kimchi from Sungmin’s lunch box with his chopsticks. He began to feed himself off of Sungmin’s meal and once he had his fifth bite, he patted Sungmin’s cheek and kissed the top of his head. “Thank you for the meal, Sungmin.”

Heechul was ecstatic. “Awwww!” he cooed mockingly, clapping his hands at the scene. Kyuhyun looked amusingly at him before he busied himself with collecting a copy of the lesson plan from Kibum. There was another cacophony of noise as they all erupted in laughter.

Sungmin sighed and went outside the room while rubbing his temple. Siwon took this as the opportunity to apologize so he followed the man. He half-expected for the Physics teacher to yell at him but he was genuinely shocked when he didn’t. Instead, Siwon heard words he was not expecting to hear at all.

“They’re going to tease me about being too easy to get if I try to reciprocate Kyuhyun’s feelings, aren’t they?”

“Well, yeah, but I guess Kyuhyun’s quite sweet if you get past that layer of unadulterated lust?” Siwon said calmly, patting Sungmin on the shoulder. The Physics teacher nodded and entered the faculty room again. Siwon tailed him and stared at the man.

“Everybody, quiet please!” Sungmin shouted at the top of his lungs, repeating the words until everyone’s chatter had died down. “I have something to say to you all!”

When he had gotten everyone’s attention, he took a deep breath and said, “I’m alright with everyone teasing and laughing at me but I also have my limits! No one is supposed to check out my stuff without permission!” at this, he shot a heated look at Hyukjae and Youngwoon. “Also, to clarify things up, I am not going out with Professor Cho Kyuhyun just yet!”

Kyuhyun scowled at Sungmin a bit when he heard that but it faded when Sungmin continued, “Also, Professor Cho Kyuhyun, thank you for all the gifts you’ve given me but I would like for you to stop leaving me inappropriate surprises in school! If you really want me, you’ll take your antics outside school and-”

“I was the one who sent you the box of animal print boxer briefs last week,” Kyuhyun cut in, earning him a glare from Sungmin and a few snickers from his fellow teachers.

“What? Well, thanks, I guess… and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want you to take me out for hot choco at Starbucks later tonight!”

This time Hyukjae cut in, “Wait a second, Sungmin, I’m your Starbucks buddy! You can’t just give that position to a new teacher!”

“You shut up or I’ll tell everybody what went down when Donghae asked me to clean his room two days ago!” Hyukjae clamped his mouth shut and felt the blood rush to his face. Heechul and the others chuckled at his predicament.

“Alright, where was I?” Sungmin asked.

“I’m going to take you out for hot choco at Starbucks after school,” Kyuhyun said composedly, his lips twitching at the corners.

“That won’t happen unless you promise you won’t leave unnecessary surprises in school anymore,” the Physics teacher said. Kyuhyun startlingly nodded furiously and even raised his right hand as he promised not to. With that, Sungmin got his things and left the room, heading towards his next class.


The next morning, nothing was out of the ordinary when Sungmin came to the faculty room. The door was locked, the windows were still closed, the curtains were still covering the panes and there were no prepared coffee and toast on the desks. He smiled to himself, thinking that the decision he made yesterday was alright.

He had gotten to know Kyuhyun a bit more over their hot beverages last night and the man wasn’t half bad except for when he insisted on Sungmin staying the night at his place. He sat down on his chair and was startled when the principal came through the doors and made his way to him.

“Professor Lee, your department head had told me that you were to explain the new curriculum for your department,” Yunho stated, dragging a nearby chair. He placed and sat on it directly in front of Sungmin’s table. “You have five minutes to explicate your reasons for adding a topic to the lesson plans.”

Sungmin swore in his mind because Heechul never told him about this. He started to explain to the principal and it was lucky that he remembered a few of Kibum’s statistics yesterday. Halfway into reiterating the summary of the students’ grades, he felt an eerily recognizable sensation on his thighs and as he felt his zipper being pulled down that way it happened yesterday, he started to sweat.

Oh shit, not this again.



1 - sweeter than 3.1416 (3.1416 is commonly known as pi. Pi is pronounced the same as pie the pastry. Therefore, the literal meaning of the title is ‘sweeter than pie’.)
2 - Babe, do you know why you are my inverse sine? Cosecant live without you. (The inverse of sine is cosecant. Also, this was a pun because cosecant was used to substitute to ‘cos I can’t.)
3 - Your pants would look even better accelerating towards my bedroom floor at 9.8 meters per second square. (9.8 meters per second square is the acceleration due to gravity. In simpler terms, the statement would have been ‘your pants would look better falling towards my bedroom floor’.)
4 - It’s perpetual motion all night long in my bed, baby. (Perpetual motion LOL well, I guess this needs no explanation.)


Tags: fic:oneshot, pairing:kyumin
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