alexine (donghaiii) wrote,

fic: in pace requiescat

title: in pace requiescat
author: donghaiii
type: oneshot
pairing: kyumin
rating: pg-13
genre: au, horror
words: 3551
summary: Kyuhyun gets the top floor of the school dormitory all to himself. Or at least, that’s what he thinks until he meets Sungmin.
a/n: There was something about the fics that came out today. Let it be known that this fic is mostly mindfuck. :(


“Well, that’s the last of it.”

Kyuhyun gets up, flexes his arms and legs a bit, and turns to face his best friend. Donghae is smiling at him as he sets down the cardboard box full of who-knows-what. The contents almost tumble out when Donghae kicks at it playfully and a few dust clouds make themselves known.

“You own a lot of junk, Kyuhyun. I’ll see you later, alright? I have to go meet my brother tonight.”

Kyuhyun nods and waves as his friend goes out the door way and down the hall. He closes the door solemnly and breathes in deeply. The air is foreign and somewhat chilly, far from the temperature he had gotten used to three floors down. He glances around and decides that this room isn’t to his liking.

The walls and floor are a dirty white, and there isn’t a single piece of decoration to at least break the endless alabaster in the room. There is an equally white king-sized bed in the left corner and the study desk is white as well. If anything, this room makes him feel as if he is in an asylum or at least a hospital.

The glass window adjacent to his bed is caked with a layer of dust and Kyuhyun gets a paper towel to wipe it with. He should feel honored and privileged to have gotten the topmost floor of the school dormitory to himself. The dorm master even tells him that the rooms above are pristine and only for those special students who have proven themselves worthy of staying in them. They’re what you call the presidential suites in dormitory speak.

Kyuhyun feels absolutely isolated from his friends.

“Everything is spic and span, my ass,” the man mumbles to himself as he runs a finger along the window sill and his digit accumulates a fair amount of dust. He proceeds to waste most of his time and paper towels wiping the surfaces of the furniture in the room, his mood getting sour by the minute.

When he’s done, he checks his digital watch and sighs irately. It’s already seven in the evening, and he has missed the customary dinner at six in the cafeteria. He plops down on his bed and is satisfied that at least the mattress is clean and is springy enough to his liking.

His ears perk up when he hears footsteps down the hallway.

At first Kyuhyun thinks he’s hallucinating because he is tired but the footsteps get louder and louder, almost as if it’s nearing his room. He sits up and the hairs on his nape stands erect as the footsteps stop directly at his door.

“Donghae, is that you? I thought you had to meet your brother,” the man calls out, willing himself to stay on the bed.

There is a wry laugh that echoes through the wood of the door. It’s subtle and almost feminine, definitely something that would never slip out of his friend’s lips. Kyuhyun clutches at his sheets in alarm when there are three knocks that follow the eerie giggle.

“Who are you?” he tries once more, grabbing the broom just beside the headboard of the bed cautiously. Kyuhyun flinches when the doorknob twists and his door opens slightly. He hears another laugh and feels the temperature drop when the laugh echoes in the walls of his room.

This is a prank. This is a sick prank being played by his upperclassmen.

Kyuhyun huffs and holds the broom close to himself as he leaps off the bed and makes his way to the doorway rapidly. There hasn’t been any sound of footsteps so he expects that the one playing the prank is still there.

He blinks dumbly when he pries open the door and a tray of steaming food greets him. There is no one in sight and Kyuhyun pokes his head out of his room to glance at both ends of the hallway. The lights are closed and he can’t see anything. He’s wondering why he didn’t hear the footsteps of the perpetrator running away as he picks up the tray from the floor and brings it inside his room.

He figures he’s not one to deny food no matter the way he acquires it. As he brings a spoonful of the meal to his mouth, he brushes the incident as a random act of kindness from another one of his admirers. Come to think of it, the food must be from that girl in class who had taken a liking to him since last year.

When he confronts the girl the following day, he doesn’t expect her to deny that she was the one who gave him the food last night; so when the girl does and even stares hard at him, Kyuhyun blushes and just walks away.

He asks Donghae and Ryeowook and Jongwoon-hyung and Hyukjae and Zhou Mi but they were all out last night. It’s weird because they are the only ones who know of his transferal to the top floor. No one else could have had the privilege of knowing because he kept it a well-guarded secret.

In his last resort of information-seeking, he goes directly to the dorm master and asks him if anyone lives on the top floor with him. Jungsoo-hyung shakes his head at him and asks why; and Kyuhyun is hesitant to tell him of what had transpired last night but he does anyway.

“There should only be you upstairs, Kyuhyun-ah. You’re the only person to ever live there,” are the dorm master’s words and they are spoken with finality. “It must be one of your friends.”

Kyuhyun finds himself believing the dorm master’s words and he lets them sink into his mind when he climbs to his room that evening after dinner at seven. He’s on the flight of stairs when he hears footsteps across the hallway again and he freezes.

He stands motionless as the footsteps pad all the way from one end of the hallway to the other and as sudden as it comes, it’s already gone by the time Kyuhyun decides to take another step up. With shaking knees, he reaches the floor and walks silently towards his room.

There’s a chill that runs up his spine as he fishes for his keys in his pocket; and the urge to look behind him is so loud in his mind. He exhales softly and is shivering when he jams the keys into the lock of his door. Drops of perspiration form on his forehead when he twists and twists but the door doesn’t open and his heart drops when the lights go off as it does every half-past seven. It’s the only time Kyuhyun finds himself cursing school protocol.

“Fucking work already,” he bites out when the footsteps start from the left end of the hallway and he curses in relief when he hears the familiar click. He opens the door as the footsteps to his left get closer and louder; and he rushes inside his room and locks his door.

Kyuhyun wipes the sweat on his forehead as he rest against the wood of the door. Three consecutive knocks surprise him and he jerks away from the door when he remembers what comes after those three knocks.

The doorknob twists and turns to his horror but he watches as the door doesn’t open because it is locked. From outside, the familiar laugh sounds again and Kyuhyun shouts, “This isn’t fucking funny, guys. Cut it out!”

“I’m not being funny!” comes a reply and Kyuhyun gasps. There’s a sudden flurry of footsteps as if there is someone running; and the sound of a door opening and slamming close makes its way to his ears.

It takes all of Kyuhyun’s willpower not to go out and find the source of the noise in the dark. He walks over to his closet and changes into his pyjamas, miffed that his uniform is now drenched in his sweat.

“What the fuck was that?” he asks himself as he goes through his school bag and takes out his Biology notes. He starts to work on his desk and is halfway through writing his essay when he realizes that his words don’t make sense. He wants nothing more than to check out who had been stressing him out since his first day in his room last night.

Kyuhyun slams his book close and gets up. He stretches and grabs a jacket from his closet before heading out his room with a flashlight nestled tightly in his hands. By memory, he remembers that there are only two rooms in this floor and that the entrance to the other room is in the left end of the hallway.

He shines the light to his left as he walks through the hallway, his heart beating faster as he approaches the door. Kyuhyun stops right in front of it and contemplates on knocking. He does so three times and waits for a long while before the door opens with a creepy squeak.

A large set of foxy eyes stare up at him and Kyuhyun looks disbelievingly at the student in front of him. He looks his age, if not, even younger and the man opens the door wider. Kyuhyun catches a glimpse of the room and sees the same white that he has in his room.

“Was there something you wanted?” the petite student asks him, motioning for Kyuhyun to enter his room. Kyuhyun complies with a cautious look in his eyes before he speaks, “I thought I was the only one who lived in this floor.”

“Who told you that? Wait, no, let me guess: Jungsoo-hyung?” the man replies, face contorting into a frown. Kyuhyun doesn’t really listen because he’s looking at the student’s sleeping attire and he’s at a loss. What kind of high school student wears a white nightgown?

“Anyway, I’m Lee Sungmin, a senior at this school,” the student says and holds out his hand. “I was the one who left you a tray of food last night and I was going to introduce myself to you earlier this evening but you locked yourself in…”

“I’ve never heard of you before,” Kyuhyun retorts, eyes never leaving Sungmin’s outstretched hand. There’s something fishy about this. He winces when Sungmin reaches for his hand and takes the flashlight to set it down a nearby cabinet. Then he shakes Kyuhyun’s hand himself. The touch is freezing and uncomfortable; and it makes goosebumps erupt on the surface of Kyuhyun’s skin.

“Well, I’m rather unpopular in this school, unlike you Cho Kyuhyun,” Sungmin says sadly. He smiles as his fingers leave Kyuhyun’s and he pushes the younger one out of the room in a jiffy. “I want to get to know you better but I have to go sleep now. I’ll see you around, I guess?”

Kyuhyun doesn’t even get to reply before the door is shut right in his face. He shakes his head and is somewhat happy that he wasn’t losing his mind in thinking that there was something supernatural going on in the top floor.

He steps backward and realizes that he’s left his flashlight in Sungmin’s room. He shrugs it off because he can get it tomorrow anyway. He has no trouble finding his way back to his room and he squints as the bright light hits his eyes. He makes his way to his desk to continue his homework when he notices that there are bright red drops on the carpeted floor.

Kyuhyun stops and kneels down to examine it but as he brings his hand down, he notices that it is covered with the same, sticky liquid. He freezes and inhales the air; and the strong smell of iron hits his nostrils.

Blood, he realizes, and he blanches at the sight of his right hand drenching with it. This is the hand that Sungmin shook only minutes ago and his eyes widen at that thought. Without another word, he goes back into the hallway and starts banging crazily on Sungmin’s door.

“Sungmin, what the fuck?! What kind of sick joke is this?!” Kyuhyun shouts at the top of his lungs. There is no reply and it is only silence that greets him so he kicks the door with all his might. He screams for Sungmin and suddenly there are footsteps coming from his right. It gets nearer and Kyuhyun almost hyperventilates when he sees a silhouette walk up to him.

He stops banging and stares at the figure in front of him with terror written all over his face. Sungmin is smiling at him  almost angelically if not for the blood decorating his face and nightgown. Kyuhyun blinks as Sungmin waves hi and suddenly the lights in the hallway flicker on.

Instantly, Sungmin is gone from Kyuhyun’s vision and Jungsoo’s voice makes itself known from the staircase. “Kyuhyun, what on earth are you doing to create this ruckus so late in the evening?!”

Kyuhyun turns around and stares at the dorm master with his hands shaking. There is still blood dripping from his fingers when Jungsoo nears him and wraps his arms around the frightened student. “Ohmigod, what happened to you?”

“I shook hands with Sungmin. I left my flashlight in his room. And Sungmin was here, you should’ve seen him, he was bloody,” Kyuhyun mutters as he stares horrifically at his right hand.

“Who’s Sungmin, Kyuhyun?” Jungsoo asks as he cradles the shaking student in his arms. “You live alone in this floor, I can assure you that. The door’s locked here, see?” And as if to prove his point, the dorm master twists the doorknob of Sungmin’s door and it only rattles emptily.

“He locked it! I knocked and Sungmin opened it just moments ago! I swear to God I am not lying!”

The dorm master looks at Kyuhyun and he can see no traces of lies from the student’s eyes. With a heavy tone, he pats Kyuhyun’s shoulders and says, “Let’s go back to your bedroom, Kyuhyun. Just calm down.”

“How the fuck can I calm down?! I want a fucking apology from Sungmin! He’s been giving me bullshit ever since last night! What’s so fucking fun about scaring someone?!” Kyuhyun blurts out stubbornly, wrenching himself from the dorm master’s grip. He walks up to Sungmin’s door and starts banging and kicking on it, all the while calling the man’s name. “Sungmin, I know you’re in there! Open up! Oi!”

Jungsoo sighs and tries to go near Kyuhyun once again. “I’ll prove to you that this room has no occupant in it, Kyuhyun.” He gets a ring of silver keys from his back pocket and looks for the one labeled as TOP-B. He then asks Kyuhyun to move aside as he places the key into the lock and turns it gently.

Kyuhyun’s holding his breath as he watches the dorm master open the door quietly. The door creaks with familiarity and they enter slowly. Jungsoo flips the light switch on and Kyuhyun gasps loudly when he sees his flashlight on top of the cabinet near the doorway.

“This is mine. See, I told you I forgot it here!”

“I don’t get it,” the dorm master starts, “This room hasn’t been occupied ever since that multi-talented kid a decade ago. It certainly hasn’t been opened since.”

“Multi-talented kid… what?”

“Coincidentally, Kyuhyun, the last occupant of this room was named Lee Sungmin,” Jungsoo says.

“Lee Sungmin was the Sungmin who introduced himself to me moments ago. I swear he looked fucking real. I even shook hands with him,” Kyuhyun replies nervously, showing the dorm master his bloodied hand. “I… I don’t know how it got my hand covered in blood though.”

“Funny you should mention that, Kyuhyun. Sungmin committed suicide in this very room by slitting his right wrist. He’s anemic so the blood loss killed him too fast before the ones who found him could revive him. Sungmin was a bright kid but he succumbed to his smarts. Check the walls behind you and see for yourself.”

Kyuhyun turns around and walks up to the walls. They are covered with dozens of mathematical equations and formulas, all the figures written in what he assumes to be blood. All of the walls in the room are decorated with the dry, flaky writings and Kyuhyun shivers at the sight of an endless Hahahahaha starting from the corner of the room all the way up to the ceiling. How Sungmin wrote it there, Kyuhyun doesn’t have a clue.

When Sungmin let him in his room a few minutes ago, he knows that the walls were a solid white; as white as the walls in his room. “I can’t believe it. I can’t fucking believe it.” Kyuhyun turns to ask Jungsoo why the walls aren’t cleaned when he sees no one in the room with him. There’s a click of a lock and he freezes when he sees Sungmin walking up to him from the door, foxy eyes trained on him.

“Where’s Jungsoo-hyung?” Kyuhyun inquires as he backs up against the wall. Sungmin’s looking at him cheerily even with the bloodstains on his face and clothes. He smiles widely at Kyuhyun and dangles something from his fingers: the dorm master’s ring of keys.

“Jungsoo-hyung’s gone downstairs, Kyuhyun. He’s given me permission to stay with you.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

Everything goes silent and black for Kyuhyun the moment Sungmin’s bloodied hands wrap around his neck.

There’s a soft gasp and suddenly, Kyuhyun opens his eyes and Donghae is staring at him, shaking his arms wildly.

“Ohmigod you’re awake!”

Kyuhyun blinks and shakes his head. Donghae is quick to assist him when he tries standing up, his voice quivering as he asks if the younger man is feeling okay. Kyuhyun affirms and he stares at where he’s at, surprised to find himself in his room: the room on the topmost floor.

There are cardboard boxes littered around him and the roll of paper towels he has on top of his desk hasn’t been touched. Kyuhyun looks at Donghae ferally and fists the front of his shirt, “What day is it?!”

“Whoa, calm down man, it’s Wednesday.”

“Why am I fucking here?!” Kyuhyun bellows and Donghae is genuinely scared.

“You’re moving to this room, remember? Fuck, Kyuhyun, what’s gotten into you?!”

“Get me out of here! I want to go out of this room this fucking instant!” Kyuhyun rushes to the door and he wrenches it open, only to meet with familiar foxy eyes staring at him with gusto. Sungmin pushes him back in forcefully and smiles that awfully terrifying smile. “You’re not going anywhere,” he says and he starts to laugh.

From behind them, Kyuhyun can hear Donghae laughing with Sungmin and he clamps his hands over his hears in an attempt to drown them out. He falls to the floor on his knees and he clutches at his head, the laughter reverberating within the confines of his mind.

Kyuhyun starts crying and wailing and he blinks profusely to clear the blur from his eyes caused by the tears. His vision goes static and he can only see the darkness. After a while, there’s a light that shines down on him and he looks up. It’s silent and there is no laughter. There are no traces of Sungmin or Donghae or Jungsoo-hyung. He’s alone in his room, surrounded by the cardboard boxes carrying his belongings.

He gets up and falls back down when a pair of arms push him. “Are you getting tired of me yet?” Sungmin whispers against the shell of his ear.

Kyuhyun fears that he’s never going to wake up from this nightmare. “I want this to stop,” he whispers to himself as Sungmin wraps his arms around him. The blood from his wrist is beginning to taint Kyuhyun’s skin and clothes, and Sungmin laughs as he cradles the shivering boy in his arms.

“I’m sorry, Kyuhyun, this is never going to stop,” Sungmin giggles and kisses Kyuhyun’s forehead endearingly.

Kyuhyun snaps his eyes close and whimpers, willing himself to wake up from this night terror. He opens his eyes and Sungmin is gone once again. The darkness greets him and he feels around himself, sighing in relief when he feels his sheets and pillows surround him.

“Oh god, I thought I’d never wake up,” he voices out, wiping the perspiration from his forehead.

“You never did,” Sungmin says from beside him. Kyuhyun shrieks, hard and long and he blinks and blinks and blinks to escape but he never does.

Sungmin only laughs at him.


“Did you hear about Cho Kyuhyun?”

“Yeah, he went totally crazy. Such a waste of pure talent.”

“I heard he died in his sleep!”

“He did, didn’t he? He wasted his time in the dorm’s presidential suite. I’d give anything to live there!”


WHOA WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY. I'm sorry for wasting your time with a fic that doesn't even have a proper plot. xD

Tags: fic:oneshot, pairing:kyumin
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