alexine (donghaiii) wrote,

fic: more special than relativity

title: more special than relativity
author: donghaiii
type: oneshot
main pairing: kyumin
rating: pg-13
genre: au, romance, fluff
word count: 2272
summary: Sungmin wants to clarify something about Kyuhyun. This is the sequel to sweeter than 3.1416.
a/n: I recall writing this after having a shot of vodka. It was my first since my dad insisted on not wasting good liquor. That was the night I found out about my alcohol intolerability. This oneshot… I don’t even get it again. This is for light reading and I’ve given it the purpose of just bringing a smile to your face. I hope I can at least accomplish that despite the insanity I incorporated in this fic. I don’t think I want to stop writing this verse.


It was a rather chilly Friday night in the middle of April and despite the cold weather, people were bustling in the streets of Seoul, eager to socialize and look for potential stress relievers. Sungmin stared out the window of his condominium unit and found himself slightly jealous of the people who had so much free time.

He was stuck inside his home with academic obligations to fulfill: final exam papers to check, projects to grade and scores to tally. There were four stacks of papers on his desk representing the output of his classes and all of them were still untouched. The deadline was on the following day and the gravity of the situation wasn’t registering clearly in the Physics teacher’s brain.

Sungmin averted his gaze from the glass window to the papers with a deep sigh. He wasn’t usually this lazy. The low temperature made him want to snuggle in his covers for the entire night and he contemplated on doing just that when his conscience butted in.

“I really need to get my game on and finish everything tonight,” he said to himself, rising from his couch hesitantly.

“You really should. I finished mine this afternoon.”

Sungmin looked warily at Kyuhyun and the two mugs of hot tea in his hands. The younger one handed him the steaming pink cup and he relished the heat that the ceramic gave off in his grip. “Well, the ratio of the classes we handle is one to four. I’d scold you if you hadn’t finished the records today.”

“I would never want to disappoint you, Sungmin,” Kyuhyun replied smugly, sipping his tea with his pinky finger daintily held high. Sungmin raised an eyebrow before making his way to his desk and settling on the chair adjacent to it. His watch blinked half-past ten in the evening to him and he wondered why he even let Kyuhyun come to his pad at this time of the night.

Oh right.

“You did promise to help me check the papers, right? Come sit beside me and put those hands to good use.”

There was a scraping sound as Kyuhyun grabbed the nearby chair by the window and dragged it all the way beside Sungmin’s. He sat down with a soft plop and brandished the fingers of his free hand in front of Sungmin’s face. “I can put my hands to a better use if you’d let me though.”

Kyuhyun waggled his eyebrows suggestively at the older man and got a punch to the shoulder in return. Sungmin narrowed his eyes as he whipped up a red ballpoint pen from a nearby pencil case. “The only thing I want your hands to be doing is checking the exams,” he hissed at the younger man.

The new Physics teacher laughed wryly and fished out a red pen from his back pocket. “We had a deal though so I hope you don’t forget that.”

“Yeah, yeah, you get sleepovers over this weekend and the next,” Sungmin waved Kyuhyun off with a flick of his wrist as he started checking the test papers of the pile nearest to him. Kyuhyun helped himself to a stack in close proximity and he too began going over the answers and checking them.

In the midst of the checking, Sungmin sneaked glances toward the new teacher beside him. It was only over three weeks since the younger man had joined the faculty and barged into his life. While Kyuhyun was overly affectionate and had sexual impulses in school, outside the institution he was nothing more than an adorable dork who loved mathematics and science more than an average person should.

They had had over twelve dates in the course of twenty one days and Sungmin didn’t regret a thing about it. Kyuhyun was absolutely sweet and even with his raging hormones, Sungmin found himself drawn to the man.

Sure, he brought trouble to Sungmin every time he was near (Yunho never found out about the fellatio that happened right under his nose that fateful morning of briefing; thank the gods for that) and the veteran professor was almost always uncomfortable in his presence but Kyuhyun had his good sides. He pampered Sungmin and helped him in any way he could, always allotting time to ask Sungmin what he needed and give it if he was capable in doing so.

Sungmin found it extremely gratifying.

“Less staring and perhaps more checking, Sungmin?” Kyuhyun sniped at him, the corners of his mouth lifting up a bit just enough for his teeth to peek out. His eyes were on the papers he was working on but Sungmin knew he could feel his stare on him.

“I was just thinking about something,” the older one bit out, resuming the task at hand. Kyuhyun nodded and started to hum a familiar tune; and Sungmin deduced it as the school’s hymn after a few seconds of unintentional listening.

After a few minutes, the tune was getting annoying and the veteran professor initiated small talk so that the song wouldn’t get stuck inside his head. “Have you always wanted to be a teacher?” he queried, eyes still trained on his students’ answer sheets.

“No,” came Kyuhyun’s quick reply, “I’ve always wanted to become an astronaut.”

“Why is that?”

“I was hoping I could explore Uranus.”

Sungmin almost didn’t get what the younger one implied until he noticed him snickering into the papers. He gripped his pen tighter and rolled his eyes when Kyuhyun guffawed harder, his shoulders shaking continuously.

“Oh my goodness, you are such a pervert.”

“I actually think I am one right now, you know, an astronaut,” Kyuhyun said when his laughter had subsided enough for him to talk properly. Sungmin cocked his head to the side as he replied, “Really?”

“Yeah, there’s a heavenly body right beside me.” Raucous laughter filled the air once more, courtesy of Kyuhyun.

“Forget I even asked,” the older man spoke exasperatedly, adding more pressure to his grip on his pen. Whether it was meant truthfully or not, Sungmin always felt prickly whenever someone was complimenting him.

“I’m not sure you would like the reason why I wanted to teach in the first place,” Kyuhyun mumbled when he had stopped laughing; and this time Sungmin was sure that the man was serious.

“To be honest, I only applied to become a teacher with the objective of getting close to you. As shallow as it sounds, I still believe a goal is worth accomplishing if the end results can make me happy.”

Kyuhyun finished checking the last exam paper in his pile and he gazed silently at Sungmin, waiting for his response. Now that he has said the reason himself, he felt downright embarrassed in the inside. Teaching was a vocation and he was taking it for granted by using it as a means to progress his love life.

“There’s another pile just underneath those folders,” Sungmin suddenly said, voice light and void of any tone that could give away his feelings. It was actually sort of offending that Kyuhyun’s reason for teaching would be to get him, but at the same time, it was honorable to think that someone would go all this way just to be close with him. Sungmin ended their conversation right then and there, as he was sure he wouldn’t check the papers properly if his mind was going to get more confused than it already was.


The finished the entire set of papers within an hour and Sungmin felt relieved that he could pass his records on time. He smiled as he organized the papers in alphabetical order according to each class and took no notice of Kyuhyun who was only staring at him the whole time. When he had arranged everything, he faced the younger man with a sorf-of mixed expression on his face.

“You’re mad. I think you are,” Kyuhyun started, biting his lip anxiously when Sungmin nodded in affirmation.

“Probably not for the reason you’re thinking of,” the effeminate man replied, “Your reason’s definitely one of the most shallow I’ve heard. I’m honored that you’ve chosen to devote time in teaching because of me and you’re a great help to the school, really. But I know that you don’t really want me for me, Kyuhyun. You want me for my body.”

Kyuhyun’s jaw dropped unceremoniously and he gaped like a fish at the man beside him. “How could you even say that?” he spluttered, looking absolutely scandalized.

Sungmin took the liberty of lifting Kyuhyun’s chin up with his fingers to close his mouth. “Let’s face it, Kyuhyun. You are one heck of a hornball and don’t you dare deny it. The lines you use on me are obvious testimonies! And don’t think I know how you got to know me!”

The younger man looked frazzled for a bit and Sungmin thought that maybe he should’ve kept his mouth shut. But everything he said was the truth. Sungmin knew that he was falling and he was falling fast but if Kyuhyun’s only motive was to get in bed with him then he’s definitely not worth it.

There was a pregnant silence wherein only the traffic noises made their presence known from the busy streets below. Kyuhyun refused to meet Sungmin’s eyes and for once, the air of jest he usually had around him was nowhere to be found. Instead, he was emitting an ambiance of sheer nervousness. Sungmin exhaled as loudly as he could when he moved to stand up but Kyuhyun stopped him from doing so by pressing the flat of his palm against the older man’s chest.

“I’ll admit that I went as far as stalking you because I couldn’t get your face and body out of my head after I watched the video that Siwon had recorded. You were sensuous and so fucking beautiful, and honestly, I couldn’t get myself off if I wasn’t thinking of you. There were times when I brought home different people with me but none of them could get me hard enough as much as the mere thought of you.”

“You’ve officially creeped me out,” Sungmin cut in blandly, his lips turning down. Kyuhyun furrowed his brows at that.

“Hear me out, Sungmin. I was jobless at that time because my contractual job as the laboratory assistant in my school ended and I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I’d see you and not get more sexually frustrated than I already am, and I’d get a job to pay for my bills.”

“Let’s just cut it here, Kyuhyun. I’m stupid enough to think that I could actually build a stable relationship with you.”

“No, wait just a minute. I’m not after your body right now. I may give innuendoes but giving in to my lust is the farthest thing in the back of my mind. I courted you and tried to woo you. I went on twelve dates with you without even getting so much as a goodbye kiss! I’m after who you are, Sungmin and I’m not lying!”

Sungmin looked at the younger man cautiously. Kyuhyun’s eyes were glistening with unshed tears dangerously and the older one huffed before saying, “You gave me a blowjob in front of the school principal without my permission, Kyuhyun! How is that not giving into your desires?”

Kyuhyun looked crazed and he racked his mind for some sort of excuse but he couldn’t find any. “That… That was an exception! Just… Sungmin, I’m having such a hard time explaining myself! Have some fucking mercy on me will you?”

The younger teacher almost cried when Sungmin started chuckling to himself, burying his face into his soft hands. The older one’s shoulders shook gently and he straightened himself up, after which he brought his arms around Kyuhyun and engulfed him in a tight hug.

Oh my god, how cute can you get, really?” Sungmin’s voice came out muffled against Kyuhyun’s forehead. He pressed his lips onto the other’s forehead briefly before standing up and patting the younger one on the head.

“I’m very sure I like you but I’m not ready to trust you with my heart just yet, Kyuhyun. Maybe all I need is another dozen of dates.”

Kyuhyun felt played and bittersweet but he smiled and regained his confidence all the same. “This just confirms it. You’re definitely my square root of two, Sungmin,” he began and Sungmin just knew that he would come back with this sort of line.

“Yeah, well, why is that?” he mused, choosing to humor Kyuhyun again.

“My love for you is fucking irrational, man.”

This time Kyuhyun wasn’t the only one who laughed.


I don’t know if I want another KyuMin oneshot after this. I mean, the ending’s pretty open for any kind of positive interpretation…. xD lol yeah That, or I’m just itching for more EunHae. I’ll see you until the next update guys. :)

Tags: fic:oneshot, pairing:kyumin
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